Whispers of the Trees

A 4 day Womens Retreat NEW dates pending

Hanekulla Natur Terapi in Sweden

Spring equinox, the promise of new beginnings hanging in the air, but not yet visible to the human eye. Nature still firmly in winters grip, with the occasional warm day and crisp blue sky. The trees naked and bare, with trunks and branches showing only hints of buds at the most.

AHO – but

if you take the time to watch and listen,

you might see a shine from the trunk,

you might hear a calling from the branches,

you might feel a stream of lifeforce building,

a deep roaring from the earth.

The trees are ready,

waiting for the right conditions to

bravely start this year’s growth.


What about you?

How would you like to take some time to prepare YOUR ground for the new season of unfolding?

Take the time to listen to the call from your Soul, to feel into the inspiration from the “More than Human World” – as usual way ahead of us, busy humans as we are!

If this resonates with you here is our invitation:

Come to the Wild for a few days! Step into a community of women.

Spend your days breathing with the Wind, wandering with wonder, staying close and still enough to listen to the call from Mother Nature at the depths of your own Soul!

We will offer practices of breathing, Qi-gong, meditation, nature connection, focusing, dancing…there will be fire, there will be drumming and humming! Warmth of heart and icecold water and air! Together we will prepare vibrantly healthy meals and enjoy great company in very special surroundings.

The days will look something like this:

7:30-10 Morning snack, breathing, qi-gong and meditation/ice-bath

10-12:30 Brunch and break

12:30 – 17 Nature practices on the land – leading up to some longer solotime on Saturday

18 - 21 Dinner and evening activity

Spring has a reputation of holding all-seasons-in-a-day, weather being inspiring unpredictable! The program will therefore be subject to a listening in to the Wind, to feeling the temperature, to sensing the energy of the day and the group.

There is a max of 10 participants - allowing space to connect and retreat.

The location


Hanekulla Natur Terapi is a beautiful place in the Wilderness 3 hours South of Stockholm. The forest around the farm is ancient Oak trees and stones from the ice age. Hanekulla is a nature reserve, and we have no neighbors. Here there is silence and peace, and our friends are wild animals and birds. It's a beautiful place to connect with nature.

The cost of the retreat is SEK 7.500 and this includes

4 days/3 nights

Shared accommodation (2-3 women) in the gently restored sheds and houses of the farm.

Two main meals and snacks each day.

All tuition.

You will be invited to take part in preparing the meals, as part of being in community.


Not included is the travel to Hanekulla.


The journey here:

Nearest town with train and bus connections is Åtvidaberg.

From Copenhagen about 5 hours

From Oslo about 6 hours

From Stockhold about 3 hours

From Åtvidaberg – Pick up and drop-of at set times.

Arriving by car: Gps to Hanekulla naturreservat - map here.

The retreat begins Thursday March 17th at 16hr in the afternoon, and ends Sunday March 20th around 13hr. Please prepare to arrive and depart in good time.


Do you feel the call?

Do you need a chat before you decide?

You can arrange a talk with one of us by sending an e-mail to:

Ingeborg – nordlys.biz@gmail.com or

Lotte – lotte@naturligpraksis.dk


Interested in booking your spot?!

Send an e-mail to Ingeborg or Lotte. Once we have confirmed your space, full payment will secure your booking.

An information e-mail with logistic details including packing list will be sent to the participants before the retreat.

The facilitators

Ingeborg Okkenhaug, the owner of Hanekulla Natur Terapi is from Norway, settled in Sweden for 4 years. She is educated Antroposof, Breathwork therapist, Therapist in NLP and Hypnosis, Traumarelease, Living Foods, Shamanism and Sound healing. She will share with us: Chi Gong training, Breath Work and Cold exposure, Living foods, Drum journeys and Sound healing during our retreat.

Lotte Trinhammer is a nature-Yogi from Denmark, often found dancing or lingering in the woods and all-year-swimming in the sea. She is a Yoga and meditation teacher, nature-connection guide, and a lover of all Wild things. Being now in the mid-life-transition, she is training herself to step into the lifefase of the crone. She will share with us practices with and in nature, leading up to the “mother-ship” practice of spending solo-time on the land.

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